Japan Fair 2014

A fair created to show people around the world many of the lovely creations by Japanese designers from Japan.  
Today I am showing Ambrosia a very fresh and delicate creation. This designer and many others will be at fair that opens tomorrow04.05.2014 at 10am SLT.

 JAPAN FAIR 2014は、日本のクリエイター・デザイナーの素敵な作品の数々を世界中のより多くの方に見て頂きたいという想いを込めて開催するフェアです。
是非ともこの機会に新たなお気に入りの日本のブランド”Japanese bland”を見つけてください。

JF4_001with logo

DRESS: ***Ambrosia*** Mesh_Spring Flowers[sakura_pink]

CHOKER: ***Ambrosia*** Rose choker[Tea time] (from Princess Prom Outifit)

HAIRPIECE: ***Ambrosia*** Rose Ribbon hair_accessory[Tea time] (from Princess Prom Outifit)

STOCKINGS:***Ambrosia*** Rose lace stocking[white] (from Princess Prom Outfit)


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