Last Sunday I had the pleasure to be part as a candidate of the Miss Azul 2015 Contest challenge where myself and 14 other amazing candidates were asked to style an outfit to present to the judges my joice was to make a Gown made of several other Azul  Gowns and here it is the result of my creation and the one that got me in as one of the 6 chosen Finalists of Miss Azul 2015 making me extremely happy !!


Styling Card:

Gown1: Camille/Sakura parts
-AZUL- Camille BackDrape(L)/Sakura
-AZUL- Camille BackDrape(R)/Sakura
-AZUL- Camille Skirt(LwL)/Sakura
-AZUL- Camille Skirt(LwR)/Sakura
-AZUL- Camille Skirt(UpL)/Sakura
-AZUL- Camille Skirt(UpR)/Sakura

Gown2: -AZUL Camille /Aqua (MissFR/MVW2015) parts:
-AZUL- Camille BackDrape(L)/Aqua
-AZUL- Camille BackDrape(R)/Aqua
-AZUL- Camille Skirt(LwL)/Aqua
-AZUL- Camille Skirt(LwR)/Aqua
-AZUL- Camille Skirt(UpL)/Aqua
-AZUL- Camille Skirt(UpR)/Aqua

Gown3: -AZUL- Lexa /Sakura (MissPhilippines/MVW2015)
-AZUL- Lexa MeshDress XS/SakuraB

Gown4 -AZUL- Anima /Peridot Parts:
-AZUL- Anima flower(right1) /Peridot (modified by me)
-AZUL- Anima flower(right2) /Peridot (modified by me)

Gown5 -AZUL- Sophie /Sakura (Limited)
Hair :-AZUL- Sophie Flower HeadDress2 /Sakura (doubled pieces)
Bracelet -AZUL- Sophie Flower Bracelet2 /Sakura
Hair Back part: -AZUL- Sophie Flower HeadDress2 /Sakura

Cage custom made for my styling by ericaanne Hastings

Poses custom made by Astralia

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