♛The QueenS♛ Magazine

Cover edited

And it is finally here!!! I while ago I had this crazy idea of making a Magazine for The QueenS group, I am not a graphic designer I am not in the business of publishing anything, so I had to start from scratch and hire people to help me make this dream come true not knowing all that it involves witch was a big surprise to me and makes me really admire all the professionals out there that actually manage to publish a Magazine every month. My experience unfortunately turned out to be a long journey a lot longer than I expected to be, a lot more stressful and costly then I expected it to be, but as many that are close to me know, I am not a quitter and even though I kept facing disappointments and problems of all kinds, as the time went by but I felt that I had to persist I felt I had the responsibility to finish what we have started mostly out of respect to the people that got involved with it one way or another. As I write this is hard for me not to get emotional but I it is important to me to explain a little of what it has been to get here to this point since we I first tried to get this done. This is not a perfect Magazine, this is not a regular fashion Magazine, this is a first edition of a Magazine made out of a group of talented ladies that love styling and love helping people. I can not publish this without giving huge thank you to all professionals involved Photographers, Designers The QueenS ladies and most of all to Shinya and Persia these amazing professional ladies that stepped in at last minute and made possible what at one point seemed impossible to accomplish. I am learning in a hard way but I am learning and it will only get better! Hope you enjoy this edition it was made with love !!

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